Hints and tips

How can I edit my profile data?

You can change most details in your profile by clicking on your name after you have logged in - it is shown top left, next to a small icon of a person. This takes you to your profile page, where you can e.g. enter a new address after you move house, or change your degree of involvement in the panel - for example sign up for product sampling or focus groups.

How about profile data I cannot edit?

Most details you can edit on your profile page, but for some, for example country of residence or gender, we request that you write to us and inform us officially of the change. The reason for being a bit more strict on these is that a change would impact on your invitations for surveys, and also your options for rewards in our shop -- so we want to make sure there was no mistake .

I am not getting any surveys -- why not?

We invite panelists based on the requirements of each survey, which are often very detailed and particular -- so it helps to know enough about each panelist to decide if they fit into that group (e.g. female 30-39, smoker, car owner). To make sure that you are invited to a survey where your opinions would be relevant, please make sure your profile is up to date and you have taken the basic profile surveys : you can find them in the Collect Points page.

Get in touch

Contact us via email for a fast and accurate answer to your questions. We also welcome any comments or suggestions you might have about the Talk Online Panel or the site.

We have staff on hand to answer your query usually within 24 hours during weekday working hours, with replies taking a bit longer at weekends.